You Might Be a Bibliophile if…

So, this happened today.


For real.

While listening to a John Grisham novel (The Litigators) I realized I’d just asked the Lord to comfort a family who’s child was suffering in the hospital with lead poisoning.

And then I remembered it was fiction.**slaps hand over face and shakes head**

And felt silly.

But decided it would make a good meme 😉

And admitted that I’m probably not alone.

What goofy thing have you done in response to a good story? Don’t leave me hangin’!

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  1. So here’s my real comment:
    I threw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix across the room.
    I wondered what the characters in Once an Eagle where doing.
    I feel like I’ve lost my best friends every time I read Lord of the Rings.
    Does that count?

    1. Of course! And I feel I’ve lost my BFF when I finish the Chronicles of Narnia. I guess that’s why we have to write…to make more friends 🙂