Tethered Travels

Sights and insights that will come in handy when traveling in the Tethered World. Here are some visual tips to help you along during your journey…

Trees in the Tethered World

Native trees seem to have a hard time flourishing without real sunlight.

Woods of Willowmist
These trees are similar to the droopy sort of trees that the Larcens saw in The Woods of Willowmist.

Twisted Veggies

Sadie smuggled this crazy carrot out of Vituvia.

Many of their root-type veggies grow in this spiral shape. Sadie thinks it is due to the tighter rotation made by the earth from below the ground. The centripetal force causes the roots to grow in this unusual pattern.

Gnome Gnobs

Have you ever come across these mysterious lumps around the base of a tree? Sadie calls them “Gnome Gnobs.” During a full moon, Gnomes will often travel Topside to complete certain missions or tend to injured animals. If the sun comes up before they are through—uh oh—they must remain that way until the next full moon.

Looks like these Gnomes were having a party!

Light in the Tethered World

The Tethered World gets its source of light from the giant dome-like geode that emanates a soft golden hue over the realm. Interestingly, there is no nighttime in the Tethered World. Instead, the light dims about fifty percent and “dusktime” settles over the land for a period of six hours or so.

Dusk in the Tethered World
This photo is a simulation of what dusktime looks like for the inhabitants below.