Gnome facts you gnever gnew you gneeded to gnow!

  • Gnomes are an average of 18 inches tall. (Pointy hats, not included).
  • Slightly vain creatures, they wear their conical hats, in part, to appear taller. Hats also come in handy for fetching water from rain-drenched tree leaves, when Topside.
  • Gnomes can communicate with animals. This makes them very adept at training squirrels to collect nuts on their behalf (of course, for a portion of the loot).
  • Gnomes live to be around 400 years old. They age much slower than humans so it is hard to guess how old a gnome is in person.
  • It is a rumor that gnomes live merely in gardens. They are able to make their home just about anywhere . . . a tree, a cactus, and even a burrow in the snow.
  • The word “gnome” comes from the Latin word “gnomus” and means “dwarf-like earth-dwelling being.”

And gnow you gnow!