Of Wonders and Wax (aka MORE GIVEAWAYS!)

With Gandalf’s walking staff in hand, I recently set off to find some extraordinary (but small and affordable) treasures to add to my Rafflecopter giveaway. My travels brought me from the Shire, across the Brandywine River, and over to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas.

I elbowed my way through crowds of peasants and barely escaped being eaten by a giant, green man-creature-swamp-thing in order to scour the vendors’ wares and baubles.

Though I only had a few coins in my pouch, I managed to score big. Like, epic proportions kind of big!

Whilst gnawing on a pheasant leg (not to be confused with a peasant leg) and consulting my parchment map, I had the unmistakable feeling of being watched. By multiple sets of eyes. Oh yes…it was a skin crawling, adrenaline revving moment as, one by one, I felt the objects in the nearest booth giving me the once-over.

I turned to find handbags and journals leveling me with unblinking stares. Lampshades and keychains daring me to look them in the eye. And bookmarks–yes, bookmarks!–calling my author name.

“Heather L.L. FitzGerald…come hither! Come hither, Heather, if ye ‘ave the mettle!”

Alas! I could not turn away. With careful steps and watchful eyes of my own, I entered the shop.  There, in the depths of a bucket o’ bookmarks, I grasped upon one that drew me to itself with a promise to be “the one bookmark to rule them all” if I was willing to pay the price.

It was a soft and supple sliver of dragon skin, whose eye winked at me when I finally withdrew it from the counterfeit skins and scales that tried to entrap me with their false charms. This–THIS–was precisely what I had come for. I had to have it, regardless of the cost. Sort of regardless.

I was pleased to find that I had precisely the right amount of coinage to satisfy the ogre that looked after the booth. I don’t think he was particularly bright, which meant he couldn’t perceive that I had latched on to an authentic dragon eye, rather than a replica.

It. Was. Mine!

Well, actually….as much as my heart desired to be in possession of this rare artifact, I had already committed myself to unearthing something special for my readers. It’s why I set upon this journey in the first place.

So…it is with pride and a bit of sorrow that I present this Tethered World dragon-eyed bookmark as a giveaway for The Genesis Tree book launch on June the 1st!

This dragon–let’s call him Scar (short for Scarborough, obvs)–requires little care. He’s content to nourish himself on great literature and now resides contentedly between the pages of an autographed copy of The Tethered World. Scar will be happy to keep an eye on your place in this story, as well as all the others you consume in the future. Despite his fierce-ish appearance, he’s surprisingly gentle on books, puppies, and cashmere.


Unfortunately, after acquiring this beastly bookmark, my FUN-funds were depleted. I could only glean ideas from booth to booth, hoping that whatever else demanded to be given to my readers might also be found among the virtual booths of Ye ol’ Amazon Prime.

And whaddyaknow?! The other item I wished most to acquire was, indeed, found in the legendary Amazon Shoppe!


This Tree of Life wax seal is guaranteed to keep your most secret correspondences safe from spies and nosy leprechauns. It includes two different colors of wax, sure to match any outfit you might wear to the mailbox or post office. AND you’ll also receive The Flaming Sword eBook because it’s my party and I’ll give if I want to!

Did you see the GRAND PRIZE giveaway I shared in my last post which includes the gold ring on the cover of my book? If not, you really should click here and check it out (plus it’s the only way you can enter to win that prize!). All of this loot will be given to three winners at my virtual launch party on June 1st! You seriously don’t want to miss it. Okay, you might HAVE to miss it because you’re graduating or having a baby or something important like that, which I can dig.

But if you WANT to miss the party then you probably should because you’re obviously no fun and we wouldn’t want you there anyway. Go be boring with a Nicolas Cage movie or something.

Sheesh. I’m being rude. Sorry…I’m just kind of cranky because of having to part with the bookmark and the cool wax stamp. Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing, y’know?

So what do you hope to win? The ring? Scar the Bookmark? The Tree of Life? Have you ever won anything before?


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  1. Oh, you have created the PERFECT prize!!!! I love the ring! The Tethered World series is wonderful. I wish I could go visit there and Narnia. Thanx for the giveaway.