Happy UNDER the Earth Day!

Some people plant a tree. Others may clean up trash and litter. But a handful of people know that Earth Day is merely a distraction from where the real celebration is happening…

Yep. The secret’s out! The place to party today is UNDER THE EARTH!

From Mad Hatters to entire colonies of pale, sun-starved people, there will be feasting and merriment galore in the nether regions of the globe.

I’d like to personally thank author Lauren Brandenburg for introducing me to the true meaning of Earth Day. Her Books of the Gardener series, starring both Boone: the Ordinary and Orlo: the Created,  take place in realms beneath our own. No doubt there will be much celebrating in the steamy gardens that flourish on top of the towering stalagmite homes of the folks that live in the Conclusus.

And let’s not forget other magical places that have captured our imagination! From Tolkien’s Middle-earth to Dahl’s Wonderland, authors have been giving civilization a peek at where the real action takes place.

I have it on good authority (from Lava the Dwarf) that the Gnomes of Vituvia and the Dwarves of Berganstroud are planning a fine picnic in on the shores of Whitt Lake. The Meadow Faeries and Elves of Willowmist will be in attendance and the Nephilim will fly over the Berganstroud mountains to join in the festivities. Let’s hope that the Trolls and Gargoyles won’t spoil the fun in The Tethered World.

Down in the City of Ember it may not be a well-lit celebration, but families will gather for a special meal nonetheless. And let’s not forget Gregor the Overlander! Gregor will be making a special trek to the Underland with his sister Boots to help their violet-eyed friends put on an acrobatic circus with their giant bats, rats, and cockroaches. This will be by invitation only so it looks like most of us will have to read about it later.

Do you have a favorite story that take place below ground? And I’m not talking about zombies that come to life from six feet under. What books am I missing out on that show us a glimpse of what life might be like in the depths of the earth?

If you’d like to read about life under ground in my first book, The Tethered World, for free, I’m offering it to any and all that are interested. Just contact me with your email address!