Better Late than Never Cover Reveal!

In case there are a few of you that I’m NOT connected with via Facebook…allow me to introduce you to my latest book baby 🙂 She was presented on Valentine’s Day so I apologize for the late introduction here. I’m a miserable failure as a blogger, but please don’t let that reflect on my ability to deliver a page-turning novel. I am truly hoping to increase my blog posts now that my third book is polished up and ready for the final touches from my publisher.

But I digress…let me show off this vivid, gorgeous cover like a proud mama should! TAH-DAH!

13840488_10206448848795842_1843486661_o (1)

Rather snazzy, eh? And see that golden ring? That little pretty is going to be part of the grand prize giveaway at the Facebook party! Real gold…really beautiful! Stay tuned for party details and links. I haven’t set it up on Facebook yet. Oh, and the other fun bit of trivia…The Genesis Tree is releasing a MONTH earlier than the original deadline! Exciting times as a writer when the edits are smooth enough to move up the release date–woohoo! (This also tells you I made this photo banner before I got the news about the new date).

Thanks for stopping by to admire my bambino. I think she looks quite lovely beside her siblings, if I do say so myself.