The Flaming Sword is Blazing Your Way!

So, it’s been eons since I’ve posted and I thought I should dust off the ol’ blog and give a quick update. As you may be able to surmise, I’m not a blogger at heart. I’m neither clever nor interesting on a weekly basis, and I don’t wish to merely contrive something to post because you’ll all see right through me…therefore, I choose to stay silent for long stretches of cyberspace.

I’m a rather compartmentalized writer (I’m finding out). Currently I am in the “write your book, edit your book” compartment, and I don’t step out for fresh air, or blog posts, very often. My brain is in the Tethered World right now and it sort of shuns relating to the blog-o-sphere, whenever I poke around the grey matter and ask if it has something to say on the world wide web.

But as I close in on finishing book 3, The Genesis Tree, and look towards launch day (Nov. 1st!) of Book 2, The Flaming Sword–and all the promo that needs to start happening, like, yesterday–I plan on coming up for air and social activities ASAP.


In the meantime, I hope you’ll consider preordering The Flaming Sword (arriving just in time for those Christmas stockings!) and stay tuned for an invite to another fabulous Facebook Party!

Oh! Oh! Aaaand I will be posting the first three chapters of The Flaming Sword  here for a sneak peek SOON!

What have YOU been up to this summer? If you have a blog, where do you find inspiration and ideas to keep posting fresh content?


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  1. Hey! I seem to find all manner of things to talk about on my blog in everyday life, be it something fun or a struggle. Before I had health issues, I always had more blogging ideas than I had time. But, I try to keep it under control cause my novels are my heart and the limited time I have to write will get sucked up if I don’t watch it.
    The temptation with the blog is the instant feedback. 🙂

  2. I can totally relate with the “keeping up blogging” – or rather not keeping up with it, because I can’t think of anything. ^.^
    Excited for the release of “The Flaming Sword”! So enjoyed it!